Sedona, Arizona – April 2015

I have always heard Sedona is magical and I was excited to finally see it. There are few RV parks in Sedona and they are expensive. This worked out for the best because I wouldn’t have dragged my RV through that town anyway. They must have had a dozen small roundabouts. And the traffic… don’t get me started. After a thorough search of the area I decided to stay in the town of Camp Verde near the interstate and drive to the local attractions which were all within 30 miles. I found Krazy K RV Park and got a site for $22 a night.

My first full day in the area I was anxious to see Sedona. I got there around 9 on a Friday morning and it was already a madhouse. The road in from the interstate was very scenic with many of their better known rock formations along the way.


There were many trailheads and tons of parking lots but they were already full by that hour. With that many people on the trails, joining them did not appeal to me so I headed on in to town.

At least three people had told me I had to go to some shopping center called Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. I arrived as they were opening so it wasn’t crowded and I did actually thoroughly enjoy my visit.   The center is apparently modeled after an actual village in Mexico. It had balconies, towers, a town square, fountains, and lots of outdoor sculpture art.

Many shops were devoted to displaying the work of obviously skilled artisans. There was a sculpture shop, a shop specializing in wood carving and metal works, and a glass shop among others. All had pieces that were very different from the other sculpture, glass, and wood shops I’ve visited over the years.

I had decided to splurge on lunch in town. I found a local restaurant called The Cowboy Club that was in a building that housed the original town saloon. It was in the very busy main shopping district. I finally found parking about 4 blocks away. Lunch was good but by the time I made it by the shops and through the crowds back to my truck I was ready to put Sedona in my rear view mirror. I headed out of town along a different route than the one I’d come in on and enjoyed more of the scenery.


While in the area I visited more ruins. Montezuma’s Castle:

And the Palatki Heritage Site:


I can officially say I don’t need to see any more ruins for a while. I guess I’m ruined!

I headed just a couple miles from camp one morning to Copper Canyon to get in a couple miles of walking and I had a very enjoyable hike that ended in a box canyon with this lovely waterfall.

Perhaps my favorite thing in the area was Fort Verde which was located right in the middle of the town of Camp Verde. I was lucky enough to show up on the day of their annual History of a Soldier event. They had enthusiasts representing wars from the revolutionary war through the Korean conflict. They each dressed in the appropriate uniform, brought artifacts representing the soldier’s life, and could discuss their lives as soldiers at length. The highlight of the day was a demonstration of the power of old weaponry including the firing of a Gatling gun and a canon. Here is a pic of the canon as it fires:

I could have spent a few more days in the area but I saw a window of nice weather at my next destination which was at a higher elevation so I packed up and hit the road once again.

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