Grand Junction

Grand Junction, Colorado – June 2015 The beginning of my 5th month of full time RVing and the writing of my 20th blog seems like a good time for some reflection. When I started this adventure, and at the same time this blog, both were very much about experimentation. I didn’t know how living on the road would turn out (wonderful) or if I would have the discipline to write on a regular schedule while having so much darn fun (usually).

I wasn’t sure when I began writing how much about my personal life I wanted to make public so I kept it very anonymous. I’ve decided to loosen the reigns a bit on that anonymity and introduce myself (or I should say ourselves).

This is me, Deb, the D in in DJ’s Epic Adventure, and my husband Jim, obviously the J.

I still have a ton to learn about blogging and plenty of ideas to make the blog more useful and entertaining. But I feel the easiest way to learn is to jump right in and work at making it grow in the direction I imagine. If anyone has questions about the RV lifestyle feel free to comment and I will try to answer or write a post to address your question.

We plan to spend the month of June in Colorado. We have vacationed in this beautiful state before so we didn’t feel like we had to see the whole thing. In fact, we were most interested in spending time in a few places we really enjoyed on our first pass. But first, we had to take care of some business so we headed to Grand Junction, Colorado.

We arrived on a Thursday and planned to spend the weekend in a park. We chose Mobile City because it was $30 per night, by far the cheapest in town. It is actually a strip of RV sites in the middle of a large mobile home park. It looked a little rough and was in need of a good mowing, but the staff was extremely nice, the residents were friendly and quiet, and after 2 weeks without any digital TV signal the cable TV was much appreciated.

We enjoyed our weekend in this town. I love towns with funky random art and this town had plenty of it. A few of my favorites were this seahorse between downtown buildings:

A “Deluxe Spray-It Fire Rocketship” on a streetcorner:

And plastic sheep in the middle of a roundabout:

Grand Junction has a great downtown with lots of old buildings, interesting shops, and great restaurants. Lucky for us they were hosting a free art and music festival, with artists displaying their creations in the middle of the street and live musicians playing on 4 stages.

On Monday morning we kept our business appointment and then hooked up the trailer and headed toward the mountains.

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