Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA – November 2015 Before we knew it we had spent a whole week in this area and hadn’t visited any of the spots we wanted to see. We had browsed new 5th wheels for two days, then we worked on our camper for a few days, and then the weather was outstanding so we had to hang out at the pool a couple days. We realized we better get our rears in gear or we were going to miss the Palm Springs experience altogether.

We decided to ride the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway which took us about 6000 feet from the desert floor to the Mt. San Jacinto State Park in around 20 minutes.

We spent about an hour wandering around at the top experiencing each of the view points from the mountain visitor station.

But the best views were during the ride up and down. On the way up the car was pretty packed but on the trip back there were only about 10 of us so you could move around and experience the views better.

Now a few downsides in case you are considering this yourself. The ticket price was a bit steep at $25 pp. I found the trip up rather terrifying but kept my mind off it on the way down by snapping about a hundred bad photos. We experienced a mild case of altitude sickness, mostly shortness of breath and heartburn. We had hoped to hike at the top but decided to enjoy the views then go back down and find a good hike. Finally, the views at the top are really just OK. The best views are during the ride. IF I considered doing this again I would go just before sunset so I could experience the mountains in the daylight, the sunset from the top, and views of city lights below.

A few miles from our campground was the Coachella Valley Preserve. It was a very convenient place to get a couple miles of hiking in so we visited it twice during our stay. The San Andreas Fault runs directly through it and disrupts the water table creating this oasis in the desert.

We planned to drive up in to the San Jacinto Mountains to the community of Idyllwild one morning. It’s just over 5000 feet in elevation so we expected a dusting of snow and some cooler temps. The views of the mountains on the drive up were outstanding. We were just a few miles away from the town when we came upon a line of cars stopped just before a curve. Turns out there was ice on the road and several cars were unable to move. One car had slid in to the oncoming lane. Others had tried to pass and gotten nowhere but in the way. Thankfully not a single collision had occurred but the road was blocked. We waited around about 20 minutes and they didn’t seem to be any closer to resolving the mess so we turned around and headed back down.

We had passed this idyllic lake on the way up so we stopped to check it out on the way back. Many of the trees around the lake were carved with names and figures as the tree in this picture is. I’m sure as a nature lover I am supposed to be appalled but it was quite charming.

The walk was freezing cold but we had brought our warmest layers. We enjoyed a beautiful walk and appreciated the warmer temperatures back in camp even more after that.

We ended up saving the one thing I most wanted to do in this area for our very last day. I had visited Joshua Tree National Park with my family when I was about 12 and it had made an impression so I couldn’t wait to share it with Jim. It was an hour’s drive from camp. The main attraction in this park is rocks, BIG rocks. There are amazing piles of large, very climbable boulders. We stopped at Jumbo Rock, which is actually a campground, and walked a while and climbed some of them. The texture of the rocks makes it easy to get a good grip and they are piled in such a way that it is generally possible to find a negotiable path to the top.

The drive through the park was fun and every parking lot had another great pile of rocks to view, explore, and possibly conquer.

Unfortunately I had not even consulted the weather report for the area and never imagined that there was actually a 4,000 foot rise in elevation from camp to there. It was already one of the chillier days we had experienced in the area and after arriving we realized it was going to do good to break 40 degrees in the park that day. So we didn’t do as much hiking as I’d hoped but agreed we would come back and camp here one day and scramble around the rocks to our hearts’ content.

We really enjoyed our stay at Palm Springs Thousand Trails RV Resort. It is actually about 15 miles from Palm Springs but was fairly convenient. The campground is very picturesque with rows and rows of huge palm trees and it has a great pool and hot tub. We were there over Thanksgiving so we signed up for their potluck dinner. I took a couple of cream pies and we had an incredible meal. We are still using up the 30 days of free camping we got when we joined Thousand Trails so we can justify our $545 annual fee. We have used 24 days to date.

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