Sunny San Diego

San Diego, CA – December 2015 We have thoroughly enjoyed spending 8 days in San Diego. Our youngest daughter flew out and spent the week with us. We celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas during her stay. Thankschristmas anyone? We promised her if she got herself here we would show her a good time so we visited places she wanted to see and we probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.

Jim and I checked out the waterfront in downtown San Diego while waiting for her to arrive Monday. We finally picked her up at the airport at 5pm and took her back to the bay for an awesome seafood dinner at Anthony’s within 30 minutes of deboarding.

The next day we started off slow to let her recoup from her long travel day which started the night before her flight with a drive to the airport and included a delay of several hours due to mechanical issues and having to eventually switch planes. We headed to Imperial Beach after lunch for a stroll in the surf.

Then we made our way up the Silver Strand to Coronado and across the bridge where we did some bargain hunting in the thrift stores in downtown San Diego.

The next day we visited the Museum of Making Music. It is 30 miles north of San Diego in Carlsbad and is well worth the drive. Besides showing you the history of musical instruments and letting you hear a lot of different music, it is a very hands on experience where you can try out a dozen or so instruments. Most instruments have head phones so no one can hear how really bad you are. Here I am channeling my inner Hendrix.

It was seriously a blast trying all the instruments and by the end I was convinced I wanted drum lessons and acoustical guitar lessons. My daughter advised me to buy an Xbox game that simulated those experiences. Not bad advice! I highly recommend the museum. It was a steal at $8 pp.

After a quick lunch we all headed to Balboa Park to check out the Museum of Man. Balboa Park is an awesome 1,200 acre park in the middle of San Diego that contains many museums and the San Diego Zoo (which at $40 pp we had no intention of visiting). The Museum of Man recently opened their California Tower to tours and I was excited to see it. Jim and our daughter weren’t overly excited about climbing 8 flights of stairs at the end of a long day so they chose to see the Instruments of Torture exhibit while I did the tower tour.

They enjoyed the exhibit but I think I got the better end of the deal. The tower tour wasn’t really strenuous and best of all it had a lot of great info about the history of the museum, the tower, and the park that wasn’t included elsewhere.

We met up after 40 minutes and toured the rest of the exhibits in the museum. The exhibits were fun and admission was reasonable. The museum admission was $12.50, they saw the museum and the torture exhibit for $20, I saw the museum and the tower for $22.50, or you could see all three for $25.

Her last full day with us we spent more time in Balboa Park and visited the San Diego Museum of Art ($12 pp). The building it is housed in is amazing. We enjoyed our visit and definitely got our money’s worth.

During our visit to San Diego we stayed at the very convenient Chula Vista RV Resort just south of San Diego. The weekly rate was a splurge at $420 but it was a beautiful resort and we enjoyed the super warm pool and the hot tub almost every day.

While we were there the resort hosted a Christmas decorating contest. Many RVs decorated their spaces for Christmas and on Saturday night they announced the winner following a particularly amazing chocolate extravaganza where they served pretty much everything you could think of covered in chocolate.

We just loved our visit to San Diego and look forward to visiting again in the near future!

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