Macon to High Falls State Park, GA – March, 2016 We planned a visit to Georgia’s High Falls State Park with two objectives. Most importantly, we wanted to see our eldest daughter who lives in Atlanta. And if we happened to make it to Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival, well, that would be cool too. High Falls SP is smack dab between Atlanta and Macon.

We arrived on a Thursday and were immediately blown away by the falls. I expected there to be some falls we would need to hike some distance to. No, the falls are right next to the state park’s office and straddled by the road. They begin with the spillway from a dam that creates an adorable little lake.

But they continue for some ways. Here is the view downriver from the other side of the bridge.

We hoped to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival’s parade on Saturday afternoon but the weather forecast was looking dismal so we decided to visit Macon on Friday, even though there were no festival events that day. We hoped to see a city in bloom. We found a lovely little city with many beautiful churches.

It also had amazing old homes.

Not many people can get away with a cannon for a yard ornament but they pull it off because a cannonball actually went through the house during the civil war.

We did find a city in bloom.

Unfortunately, the Yoshina cherry trees that the city is famous for were not yet in bloom. We were told it would likely be another week or two before they were. Next time we are in the vicinity in late March or Early April we will check that they are in bloom and then spend a few days exploring Macon at its pinkest.

We had a wonderful weekend at the state park and lured our daughter and her boyfriend out to camp on Sunday with the promise of a large breakfast over the fire and plenty of fresh air and hiking.

Near the campground is an old mill that was converted to an old power station. Now it’s just a cool, abandoned building.

We drove up to the dam then walked down the other side of the river, opposite the campground. They have great trails along the river with lots of great spots to enjoy the falls that just keep going and going.

Then you can return through the woods for a little variation. Check out this very crooked tree.

We decided we could do with a little more walking to work off that big breakfast so we drove 9 miles to Indian Springs State Park. It has some great buildings built by the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corp, in the 30’s. This is the back of what is now the museum. I love the rock used.

The spring is under a dome inside this springhouse.

We thought we might walk around the lake but instead found this.

Apparently they drained the lake to repair the dam’s valve; glad we didn’t choose to camp here. The park does have a nice little falls near the entrance.

Indian Springs was an OK place to kill an hour and worth seeing but High Falls definitely stole the show. There is a private and free nature center with trails and animal exhibits between the two state parks called Dauset Trails. We didn’t have time to visit this trip but it got rave reviews and we’ll definitely check it out next time we are in the area.

High Falls has two campgrounds, one near the lake and the one we stayed in near the river. It was $32 per day for a water and electric site. It was a well-cared for campground with the friendliest campground hosts. They welcomed us the first day and they delivered the firewood we bought to our site and refused to even let us help them unload it. We will definitely return.

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  1. The bent tree is actually a Native American trail marker. They are all over the Eastern US, however, it does seem that Georgia has more surviving ones. But that may be because, the author of the Mystery of the Trees, Don Wells lives in North Georgia.

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