Our Second Home

Walterboro, SC – September, 2016 After leaving Pennsylvania we made a beeline for our property in South Carolina. We were looking forward to taking it easy for a couple weeks, catching up on maintenance on our trailer and truck, and saving a little money.

We had enjoyed our 3,000 mile trek up north and had done a pretty good job of staying on budget. I had expected we might go over on fuel but despite the inclusion of $74 in tolls in this category (mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania) we came in very close to our $400 per month allowance. Staying on our lot and close to home for a couple weeks would keep it that way.

We had gotten a break from those summer days in excess of 100 degrees and relished a few cool, fall like days. But the temps were higher than average up north for most of the trip and therefore higher than we expected. In general this was good news but it did keep us from taking advantage of boondocking opportunities. We rarely compromise on having air conditioning when night time temps are over 75 degrees. You really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep and we need AC to get one.

It was pretty easy to find sites close to our budget in Wisconsin and Michigan but when we hit New York and Pennsylvania it was mayhem. So by the time we got to SC we were about $400 over budget on camping fees for the summer. A couple weeks on our own land would get us back on budget, well almost.

We were also excited to see how the lot had fared; how overgrown it had become and if our new plantings had survived. When we arrived it was a little overgrown but not nearly as bad as we had imagined it might be.


There was some brush as high as our waists but it only took about 30 minutes to clear the drive so we could move back into the woods. And by the end of the day it was almost back to the way we had left it. The hostas I planted had all survived and about half of the azaleas did although none of them had grown significantly.

When I walked back into the woods to retrieve some tools I almost face planted smack into this fellow.


He was the biggest, most terrifying looking spider I’ve ever seen with the exception of tarantulas. He was huge, as big as my hand. Thank god I stopped just short of running into him or you would be reading my obituary right now because I know I would have died!

Meanwhile Jim is wondering where his loppers are and I’m running for my camera. He was beautiful in his own disturbing way. We didn’t kill him, just skirted him the rest of the day. The next day he had moved which didn’t put me at ease. Where the heck was he now?!

Let’s just say I moved pretty carefully through any previously untraveled parts of the property after that. Good thing we hadn’t planned to do a lot of yard work ’cause I wouldn’t have been much help. I did see one more just like him during our stay but not nearly as large.

This seems like a good time to introduce you to the nearest town to the property, our adopted second home. Walterboro, South Carolina is the county seat of Colleton County. It is a charming place.


The downtown is vibrant and active. I love this old bank that is now a café and a Christmas themed store all year. There are also many excellent antique stores.


The courthouse was built in 1822.


This was the town’s first jail. They built a water tower with three cells in the bottom.

It was replaced with this striking looking jail in 1855 which currently houses some county offices.

This is my favorite building in town, the county library. I was able to get a library card and have taken advantage of their extensive DVD collection, generally good wifi, and occasionally even borrowed a book. They also have many great tools I can access online like free Mango language lessons and, of course, eBooks I can download to my electronic devices.

When you are in a new area for any length of time it is always worth asking if you can get a library card. Like my momma was fond of saying “it never hurts to ask, all they can say is no.” Every library system has different requirements and some you can simply say you are new in town and give them the campground’s address as your own. I currently have 3 library cards and can use their on line tools and eBook collections no matter where I am in the country.

Walterboro has some nice hiking trails through a bayou they call the Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary.

We enjoyed afternoon strolls along the boardwalks. We made the mistake of stopping by early one morning and were run out by the mosquitos. We always hoped to see an alligator but only saw lots and lots of lizards.

Walterboro is a great little town and well worth a visit. If you ever find yourself passing by on I-95 consider stopping for a couple hours or even a few days. Both the downtown and the wildlife sanctuary are a short drive from the highway and would make a nice break during a long drive. Or there is a good campground at exit 53 called New Green Acres that we stayed at several times before we were able to park on our property. They charge $28 for a full hookup site.

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