November, 2016 – Fort Myers Beach, FL Several people in the trailer park had mentioned the sand sculpture competition in nearby Fort Myers Beach and claimed it was a good value and not to be missed. We kept putting off going until we were trying to decide what to do one Sunday afternoon and realized the 9 day event ended in 3 hours. It was just 15 miles away so we jumped in the truck and headed over.

The 30th Annual American Sandsculpting Championship was held from the Friday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday following it. We had driven through Fort Myers Beach on a weekend day soon after arriving in Florida and it had been a zoo. So we were grateful that the event included free parking and shuttle to the event from nearby Lover’s Key.

Since it was already 3 when we arrived at the parking area most of the bus passengers were returning to their cars. A bus was unloading a large group when we arrived. We ended up getting a private ride without a wait. We walked onto the plain white bus and were surprised to find it was quite the party bus. We rode to Fort Myers Beach in style.

The bus dropped us off in front of Wyndham Garden Hotel and we walked through their parking lot to the beach where we did have to wait in a short line to pony up $7 each for admission. Then we were in.

There were dozens of sand sculptures spread over a couple acres. There were many holiday themed sculptures.

And several variations on the classic sand castle.

There were also quite a few aquatic themed pieces.

And even one that made a social statement. That’s a TV he’s watching.

I’m not sure what this guy had to say.

Or this one. No more monkeies jumping on the bed is my only guess!?

It was impossible to get a pic of the centerpiece of the show without someone posing it front of it.

When we tired of the sand art there were some unique booths to browse through. Here was my favorite piece of merchandise which is very fitting for a couple of my friends. You know who you are.

On the way out we were treated to this character. I’m not sure how much rum it would take to let that creepy looking guy hug me but she seemed to have found the right amount.

It only took about an hour to see everything we wanted. It turned out to be a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’d recommend anyone see such a competition at least once if they have the opportunity.

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