Counting Our Blessings

Four Years! It’s hard to believe that we started this adventure that long ago. We’ve been so blessed to be able to live the RVing dream! The beginning of a new year and this anniversary is a logical time to count our blessings and contemplate what we have learned, about RVing and ourselves.

One of our objectives during our travels was to see if there was another place on the map that felt more like home than Missouri. We did love southern Arizona and California. But the winters were not as warm there as we imagined.

We fully expected to be spending winters in Mexico by now. But our truck requires a type of diesel that is not reliably available in Mexico. There are some who say you can get around this but we weren’t willing to jeopardize the truck’s warranty to try them. Every year we hear ultra low Sulphur diesel is coming to Mexico and it may have by now. We quit caring when we found our paradise in Florida.

Oh Florida! We thought we couldn’t afford this dream. But here we are doing just that. Sure, traveling around the state all winter could be very expensive.

There are actually plenty of places though to park for the season that are reasonably priced. There is something for just about every budget. In fact RVing is the best way to make this lifestyle affordable.

I’m very grateful we didn’t go to Mexico and instead spent our time exploring our options in the US. Jim has arthritis and he gets the most relief from it by not getting cold. But they have put him on a medication now that is helping somewhat. It is very expensive, thankfully covered by insurance, and they would not be shipping it to us in Mexico!

When we started we hoped that we could enjoy one whole year without working. We quite expected to have to workamp or find some means of additional income in the following years. Traveling is expensive, right?

So far we have not had to work. I did experiment with moneymaking when I substitute taught in SC and babysat in Bonita Springs. But those were by choice, not necessity, and I made just enough each time to pay for specific non-essential expenditures.

The only significant money we earned in four years was when we flipped a house. And we promptly spent most of the earnings on our newer trailer. Not sure what would have happened if we hadn’t made the money to buy her. We’d probably still be pulling our old Alpenlite.

It’s not really accurate to call ourselves full time RVers anymore. Since we bought this tiny house in Goodland just over a year ago we are very much part time RVers. In fact, we RVed only 5 months in 2018.

It’s been a nice change and has brought us to our biggest personal revelation. We like having a home base. We like having a few possessions that won’t fit in our rig (like our hot tub). We like having a yard we can putter around and plant things in. I’ve started growing my own lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Yum!

So four years ago our dream was full time RVing, which we fulfilled for three years at least. But now our long term goal is to own a place in Florida, ideally with a small house and room to park a rig so we have the option to RV in the summer and fall. Our tiny house here in Goodland is almost perfect and may or may not become our forever home.

We have been planning for some time to stay put in 2019. We want to spend an entire year in Florida and experience the summer, the off season, even the hurricane season. We loved our three weeks here last July.

So this is the perfect time for me to tackle another, hopefully final, foray into making money. I’m launching a career in real estate. I have wanted to get my real estate license for some time. About the time I came to this epiphany, Jim started talking about retiring. It didn’t make any sense to start a new business in Missouri when we planned to leave it in a few years.

So this summer I studied for the licensing exam and passed the test. As soon as we got back to Florida I started interviewing brokerages and found a place to hang my hat. I am now an active real estate sales associate for Premiere Plus Realty. They are not a national company but they are the biggest brokerage in southwest Florida.

It’s not easy starting a business and it is time consuming. I won’t have time to blog regularly and I didn’t want to disappear without an explanation. If you choose to stay tuned I will update the blog now and then.

Jim will be finishing the work on our home this year and I’ll do a post when it is all done. And eventually we will have some more exciting travels. In the meantime life is a pretty epic adventure and we are enjoying it to the fullest.

You are welcome to follow me in my new undertaking. I have a YouTube channel devoted to promoting my business, the Florida lifestyle, and various properties. It’s called The Property Addict and it’s just getting going.

I would also welcome you to friend me on Facebook. Send a friend request to Debby Christensen. If I don’t accept right away you might message me and tell me you follow my blog.

If anyone gets down this way we’d love to meet you. If anyone has an RVing question or questions about real estate or becoming a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can do so through the comments on this blog or email me at

So far I am loving my new career choice. I am my own boss which is great. I can take a week off any time I want and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours but enjoying what I’m doing so it rarely feels like work.

Happy New Year!

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